Waste Audits

Waste Audit

Waste Audits

A systematic process for waste reduction starts with a professional waste audit. This thorough analysis of your waste stream sets a baseline and identifies materials:

  • That can be reduced, reused, recycled or composted
  • That have market value
  • That can be reduced by improved supply chain or operations management

Key components of the waste audit

  • Establish baseline data by identifying and measuring all waste for a chosen time period
  • Characterize and quantify waste streams
  • Verify waste pathways
  • Asses effectiveness of and determine ways to improve current waste management systems
  • Set goals for each opportunity for improvement and analyzing cost effectiveness
  • Prioritize opportunities with highest potential
  • Evaluate cost analysis of buying recycling equipment such as balers, compactors or shredders etc…
  • Evaluate billing for all waste collection vendors