Our Story

A Family-Run Business Supporting the Circular Economy

Welcome to Emerald Systems. Our names are Julie, Isaiah and Irie. We work hard to create systems that reduce or divert as much waste as possible upstream in order to have the most downstream impacts. We believe that everything can have value if it’s done right.

Mission Statement

We want to change the way you think about waste. Our mission is to create efficient sustainable systems for a pathway to zero waste through reducing, reusing, recycling and rethinking.


With the constant evolution in waste, recycling, and manufacturing industries, our philosophy is to approach these changes as opportunities for creating zero waste solutions with flexibility, integrity, innovation, and drive.


To create efficient systems and spaces where all residents of the Mid-Columbia region have access to recycling and sustainable material management that is consistent, easy and organized. To be a community driven leader inspiring other small towns and rural communities to come together continuously working toward a world with less waste!


Upstream, upstream, upstream. That’s what we’re always thinking; it helps to have the mighty Columbia River rolling through our backyard. By networking, sourcing and sorting strategically, we help our customers and communities create a more valuable material flow.


From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something, it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever. http://storyofstuff.org