We strengthen the local circular economy by offering zero waste solutions.

We Save Space

Regular routes allow us to collect a variety of materials at one time. This allows our customers to reclaim valuable work space because they do not have to store a large quantity of one material.

We Add Value

By advising our customers to source materials smartly and sort strategically, we fetch higher prices for these commodities. We then pass those savings onto our customers.

We Improve Efficiency

By serving local communities – Skamania, Klickitat, Sherman, Wasco and Hood River counties – we are able to share the fixed costs of collection across our routes while offering quality, flexible service.

We Create Jobs

Zero Waste creates an average of ten times more jobs than landfills and incinerators per ton of material handled.*

*Source: EcoCycle

We Supply the Supply Chain

After we sort and process our materials, we send them to markets to be reused and/or turned into new products.

We Reduce Emissions

With our strategic locations and value-added services, we reduce emissions associated with travel and landfilling.